Thursday, December 09, 2004

To Restate The Obvious

Can you hear it?
If you can, it's yours

Do you like it?
If you do, it's your pleasure

Does it make you happy?
If it does, it's your happiness that you made

Can you conceive it?
If so, then you can create it

Is it beautiful?
If it is, then it's your beauty you see

Who's the final authority of music?
Who can say it's great?
Who can say it's beautiful?
Who can give music it's validity?

It's so simple, it's so obvious,
It gets hidden:
It's you for you
It's me for me
And it's them for them
So here's to a revitalization
In the freedom of choice
In music
~Chick Corea~
17 May, 1986

Sent by a "friend"
(posted by Iman)

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