Friday, April 23, 2004

«Citoyen du monde »

My last post from Iran. I posted this last year, 24 April. One year passed! I did many things though lots of things left to be done. I was extremely busy but I had the chance to look at my past, Iran, Iranians from outside. Maybe it is not important but in general, I had to know “ Who I was, where I used to live and what I did when I was in Iran”. I have learnt many things from westerners. I have been trying to learn how they think, live and interact with others. Also it was a great opportunity to see how Iranian immigrants live here and how they integrated into the society. It seems that they do not do it well. As my friend, Hooman ,said to me last year, they prefer to live in their Iranian box! It is a big issue and I will write about it later.
By the way, I think what is important to me is to know the way other people live though it takes long time to know other cultures! I am not disappointed! My journey started 24 years ago and I do not feel that I belong to any place or country or nation. Maybe I am a “citoyen du monde” as my quebecois friend calls me!!
(posted by Iman)

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