Thursday, March 04, 2004


“... I will not tolerate that the weak shall suffer injustices brought upon them by the mighty. What is just pleases me. ... You, my subjects, must not assume what the powerful undertake as sublime. What the common man achieves is much more extraordinary.”

History always is amazing. you can imagine that the kings in the past were great people. history is the only place you can find justice, of curse in your ancient history. I wonder how we can be sure about 2000-3000 years ago while we have no clear documents about what happened in recent 100 years. How is it possible somebody has absolute power without control and does not abuse his power? Maybe human beings were different from us 2500 years ago.
By the way, reading Daruish’s words give me a good feeling and at least I can image that Iranians had a great king!
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