Friday, February 20, 2004

Fatal decision

Today is a very important day in Iran. 7 parliamentary election! A big challenge between Iranians and their government! Iranians are unpredictable people ( which has historical and cultural reason and I am not going to explore it here). They are indirect people as their language, Persian, is a poetic language.
Anyway, today there is a chance for Iranians to express their thoughts and desires. In contract to other parliamentary elections, the result of this election will be interpreted as YES or NO to extremists in regime. Iranians out side of the country cannot do anything but following the news. But people who live in Iran should make a fatal decision. I wonder if they do not vote in election, as expected, what will happen. Many people wish that Iranians do not take part and again play their passive role, as they have been done in their history. Let’s wait and see!
(posted by Iman)

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