Friday, January 30, 2004

Am I crazy?

In my preview post, I said that I enjoy winter. The question is ” How is it possible one enjoys winter in Montréal and many other people who were born in Montreal suffer!
It is not difficult to understand why people dislike winter. It is cold and they have to dress well and most of them prefer to stay home.

However, I enjoy it; its beauty, white snow,…. Every day I walk from central bus station up to the hill. In the beginning it was strange since I could not see anybody else in the street. Since I start my work early in the morning, I thought this is the reason. Then I realized even at night when I go back home, I could not see any body in the street. I asked somebody what the matter is and he replied “ Man ! you are crazy since nobody goes out when the weather is f* damn cold” maybe I am crazy and Angua is right! but “ Why do we have to live in a place that we suffer from its weather?”
When I used to live in the south of Iran where the temperature in the middle of summer reaches to 50 C, people did not complain!

(posted by Iman)

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