Tuesday, September 16, 2003


A- In my hypothetical story, that person still accepts Moses and his laws divine, but just doesn't like them or he prefers the old laws more.
B-It's not a matter of liking. It's a matter of what God would have me do. Again, prophets are not infallible. There is no cloud over their heads saying that all of their pronouncements are directly from God.
A-in case you even know the second choice (not following them despite of knowing them divine) logical and acceptable , you have to help me understand it, since the meaning I get from "divine" , is "the best", "the most correct","the most advised" because of being Godsent
B-Yes, I more or less agree with you that Prophets are messengers from
God and that their words, therefore, have incredible weight. However, prophets are NOT infallible as I have argued above. And if in prayer I am guided to NOT follow the prophet, an unlikely occurrence, then that is what I think I should do. Paul was an apostle. He was a messenger of God and he made mistakes. Lets say for the sake of an analogy that prophets are 98% God inspired and 2%human motivated. So if my conscience tells me not to do something and the prophet says to do something, I need to follow my conscience. I'll end with the quote that started this particular letter. "THIS IS WHERE HE HAS TO DECIDE IF HE WILL GO ON HIS OWN INNER GUIDANCE OR HE WILL FOLLOW THE GUIDANCE OF SOMEONE EXTERNAL TO HIM." Again, it is an unlikely situation but it could happen.

(posted by Farid)

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