Friday, September 05, 2003


A-…you said "this is where he has to decide if he will go on his own inner guidance or he will follow the guidance of someone external to him." you are saying that he must decide between two things. What is hard for me to understand is what these two things you are refering to:
1- to follow his own heart and stop considering Moses's guidances as divine.
2- to follow his own heart while he still considers Moses's laws divine,(ie despite the fact that he still knows them divine)
B-No, he is not to judge Moses. That's not his business. Who makes Moses divine? Is there a sign over his head? In the Bible, Moses' face GLOWED because he was spending time with God. But even Moses made mistakes. Soloman was said to be the wisest MAN who ever lived and who EVER will live, yet Soloman made mistakes. If God granted Soloman such wisdom,then how did he make a mistake. If Moses was so clearly the prophet of God, how did he make a mistake? Because they were HUMAN. They are not God's robots. They are God's servants but still capable of making mistakes. The prophets are NOT God. They are human being and capable of making mistakes. And do. Ultimately we have to face God alone. We have to answer to God regarding following our conscience. So if my conscience tells me that I should go left and the prophet tells me I should go right, I have a problem. After prayer and meditation for guidance, I need to do what I think is the right thing for ME to do even if the Prophet says otherwise. The chances of this happening are really remote but it could happen. Generally, Prophets are reliable sources and my conscience won't disagree with their pronouncements but you gave me this hypothetical and I am answering that question as best I can.

(posted by Farid)

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