Friday, August 29, 2003


A-I was trying to read between the lines of your email to get a coherent understanding of your point, but I think I need your help to avoid confusing myself. you said "this is where he has to decide if he will go on his own inner guidance or he will follow the guidance of someone external to him." you are saying that he must decide between two things. What is hard for me to understand is what these two things you are refering to:
1- to follow his own heart and stop considering Moses's guidances as divine.
2- to follow his own heart while he still considers Moses's laws divine,(ie despite the fact that he still knows them divine)
In my hypothetical story, that person still accepts Moses and his laws divine, but just doesn't like them or he prefers the old laws more.
In case you even agree with the second choice(not following them despite of knowing them divine)as logical and acceptable , you have to help me understand it, since the meaning I get from "divine" , is "the best", "the most correct", "the most advised" because of being Godsent. If you agree with the meaning I have given from "divine", then how can he know those laws divine and be correct and logical in deciding not to follow them? Of course he can choose to do whatever he wants to do, and obviously whatever he does at last, will be what he has decided on, this is obvious, the question is if this decision is logical and correct or not. I'll wait for your help before going further.

(posted by Farid)

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