Tuesday, August 19, 2003


A-as you see, I am so confused with pluralism. and since you look to this issue with your heart and not by mere reason, it makes me more confused, since I believe that reasons can easily go wrong, but our heart is a much better measure. I cannot understand, how it is possible to believe in prophethood of a person, and still do without it.

B-yes, i am capable of convincing myself of anything that I want to convince myself of. Is that a reason then to abdicate responsibility and assume that whatever Moses tells me is god's will? for some the answer is yes. for me the answer is not so certain. I will seriously and prayerfully consider what the prophet has to say and give him the benefit of the doubt in 99/100 situations, but I also need to follow my own inner guidance. God also speaks to me. While these intellectual debates may serve a purpose, in the end they are simply intellectual debates or discussions. They are not actions that directly help others; they are not feeding the poor, comforting the afflicted etc. a concern of mine, since i am drawn to such discussions, is that i will forget that real religion is serving others. Jesus was scathing in his attacks on the 'religious leaders' because they were so interested in the letter of the law. He had no trouble bending the laws when he saw a greater need. I believe Mohamed did also I have to be more careful because I would tend to bend the law to benefit myself. So that is my issue. I like things to be black and white but most of them are gray. I do not know what to do with this homosexual bishop. I think it is wrong to say that it is the same as being married. Could I be wrong? Yes. But I like things black and white and Paul was pretty straight on the issue of homosexuality. But I know that most homosexuals do not want to be that way but they were born that way. So what should they do? Should they be celibate as I am because I am unmarried? I think so. What’s wrong with two people who are interested in having a sexual relationship having it if no one is harmed by it? I think that is why we have the scriptures. We are so prone to find 'reasons' to justify our desires that we need something we trust to tell us what god would have us do even though it does not always tell us why god
Wants us to do it. And that is frustrating. I come back to my basic premise: god looks on the heart. If you intent is to do good, to serve god, then that is what matters. If this homosexual bishop's heart is determined to serve god, even though I think it is wrong for him to have that position, then I think god will look favorably on him if not on his actions.

(posted by Farid)

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