Thursday, August 14, 2003


A--shouldn’t we conform to godly standards, whatever they are, having faith that they are the right rules, instead of choosing what we think is good for us?

B-again, it is difficult to answer. yes, we need to follow godly standards but we also need to follow our inner guidance. When they conflict we need to go to god as ask for his guidance. I refuse to give absolute power over my life to anyone but god. I will listen to the teachings of great prophets, masters, gurus, but, ultimately, I have to make a decision. Will I blindly follow the prophet or will I go within and follow my inner guidance. I suspect the times that they will conflict will be pretty rare. Paul was told not to go to Rome but felt that he had to go to Rome. So he followed his inner guidance. Was that the best thing to do? i don't know. As long as his motive was to follow god as best he could, it doesn't matter to me which choice he made.

(posted by Farid)

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