Tuesday, August 12, 2003


B-As I recall I said something to the effect that I did not think everything a prophet said or was reported to have said had to be 100% true. And, even if it were 100% true, people are interpreting it differently. For example, there is the Torah and then there are the commentaries that go on and and and on and are still going on today. The Rabbis differ in their interpretations. I see where the Episcopal church is making an openly gay priest into a bishop. That astounds me. It might be OK. I don't know how God views it but when I read the scriptures that's not what I see. I see homosexuality condemned. Yet 2% of the population are born that way. True, it may be a choice for some, but for others it is not. They do not want to be different. They do not want to be in that 2% for many different reasons, but they are. So if God made them this way, is it wrong for them to practice? This becomes a big debate among theologians. Likewise, the Prophet Mohammed said . . . and now Mullah A says that means .. . and Mullah B says that means . . . and Mullah C says that means . . . So who really knows what the Prophet meant by it? Which Mullah would I follow? The one who seemed to have the most God-centered life. Or, I would go into prayer and meditation and ask God to lead me to the correct understanding of what the prophet said .Of course, one of the reasons that people want to 'interpret' scripture is that if you take it literally you will have to turn your life upside down. And that's too difficult. So we look for other means. It is complex. Is it OK to kill another human being who is attacking you? Suppose he is attacking you because he feels you are stealing HIS water and you feel that it is YOUR water that he is stealing. Is this what God wants? I think not. I take the definition that 'God is love'. If that is true, then God wants us to be loving. YOu and everyone else in this world are my brothers and sisters. If that is so, if we are all children of God, then how does God want us to treat each other? Suppose your idea on that is in contradiction to something a prophet said. Could it be that your interpretation is in error?When Jesus said to hate your parents, it is clear to me that he did not mean that in the literal sense of the word hate. But that is what he said and I could use that as a justification for hating them. That is why I don't bother much with religion but focus my efforts on spirituality, on relationship with God. When Jesus came he fought and condemned the religious leaders, the priests and Mullahs of his day. I think He would do the same today.

(posted by Farid)

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