Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Medical systems: debates!

I think medical system is a real debate in Canada. It is more than an academic debate based on scientific documents or statistics. I have realized that many Canadians believe that socialized medicine is part of their constitution. They mostly talk from the emotional point of view. They say that your position in this regard shows your respect to Justice, ethics and …. . My dear friend tells me that it is not as easy as I think and people have been discussing for a long time. He says one of the reasons caused this current breakdown in Canadian Medicare is that politicians decided to decrease the budget; after 10 years we see the result of this mismanagement. He believes that if this system is supported like what it was in the past, many problems will be solved. He reminded me that I have been here only four months and it is to soon to judge about it!
When I was in Iran, I thought that Canadian medical system is one of the best, but after four months, I have not seen anybody to say a good thing about this system, though it cannot be good reason for saying that a this doctrine is completely wrong. Another reason is that Iranian medical education is based on the American books and probably it has had invisible effect on my mind. Another reason that Hooman emphasizes is that I look at this issue as a health professional and I only consider doctors’ rights.
But what I know is: neither patients nor doctors are happy with this system; many patients go to states for better care. Many Canadian doctors immigrate to states for better job. Canadian researchers do not have money for their researches. If you are rich, you cannot buy health services. You live in a free country but you cannot choose how you pay your money….

Probably I have to wait and follow this old medical rule: watchful waiting

I add David’s comment on my last post about medical system to see what an American thinks about this issue
Why should health care be unlike other services? Take food, there are programs to feed the hungry, but the middle class and wealthy eat better. No one is going to want to pay taxes so that the disadvantaged can have steaks and lobster for their dinner. Taxes to provide a minimal safety net of health care is one thing, the Mayo clinic is another.

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