Monday, July 07, 2003

The US and dictators

I think the United States usually has particular policy in the Middle East. Supporting the dictators as long as they are harmless! 1953, the year that elected prime minister, Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh was overthrown by a coup supported by CIA and shah was returned to power. He could continue 26 years dictatorship in Iran. However, since then Mohammad Mossadegh has been the most popular politician in Iran.
Now it is easy to find a ridiculous paradox. In contemporary history of Iran in recent 50 years, States supported the coup and Shah’s regime and then they helped Saddam in Iran- Iraq war. 24 years after revolution, again they are going to support another member of Shah’s family. I do not know who ask States and this person to help Iranian people.
Who did ask him to do this mission?
his "only mission" was to lead Iran towards a democratic choice of government. "On that day I've said my mission in life would be accomplished
Even in Afghanistan that majority of people are uneducated, they did not accept Monarchy system!
(posted by Iman)

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