Sunday, July 13, 2003


A(quoting B’s words at the beginning): "I do not believe Mohammed is my teacher so I do not follow him" : but my feeling is that you don't believe that he is also a prophet of God. that's why I asked what should a person who believes in prophethood of someone do? is he still wise not to follow him?

B:I don't know what to believe about Mohamed. I guess, if pushed to come up with an opinion, I would say that he had a faulty contact with the Divine but still a contact. By that I mean that he was in touch with his higher sefl but had to filter it through a lot of junk and so what came out was not all good. The Jews had an interesting standard for a prophet. 100% accuracy or death. I don't have any idea why various things happen. Sure, I can come up with opinions but why God permits this or that will always be a mystery. But I cling to one rock, that God is love.

(Posted by Farid)

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