Friday, July 11, 2003


A: I think what our heart tells us is the product of how we strive for perfection, avoiding prejudices, seeking for truth, asking God earnestly for guidance,... the more we move towards this direction, the dictates of our heart will become more advanced and correct, it seems to me that simply saying that everyone should follow his dictate of his heart doesn't solve anything.
B:No, it does not solve everything. A lot of hearts, like computer files, have been corrupted. This is why we have laws, etc. In my ideal society we would have spiritual elders who would counsel the wayward. If that failed to persuade them we would have to take other measures. The heart can be evil as well as good. I am assuming that when I say "follow your heart" one already has commitment to God. If not, then the heart can be quite deceitful. To recap,” The follow your heart, your inner guidance," advice applies only to those who take the spiritual path seriously.

(Posted by Farid)

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