Tuesday, July 08, 2003


A(me): 1-[on everyone following the dictate of his heart]It seems atheists also follow the same thing, would you say that this is the best for them? I think what our heart tells us is the product of how we strive for perfection, avoiding prejudices, seeking for truth, asking God earnestly for guidance... , the more we move towards this direction, the dictates of our heart will become more advanced and correct; it seems to me that simply saying that everyone should follow his dictate of his heart doesn't solve anything
2- you added this : as long as it produces godly fruit: many fundamentalist and terrorist groups strongly believe that what they are doing is the right thing and that brings Godly fruit, and they think that this is the best way they are serving people, they think by killing Americans they are serving them, since they are stopping them form doing more sins, and they also are dictating their heart, so it turn out to be a very dangerous guideline if we leave it to everyone's notion of the right thing and the right service to humans.
3- "I do not believe Mohammed is my teacher so I do not follow him" : but my feeling is that you don't believe that he is also a prophet of God. that's why I asked what should a person who believes in prophethood of someone do? is he still wise not to follow him? but if you believe that he is a prophet, but still not the right prophet for you, then it rises the question that I also asked in the previous email: why did God send him to suffer so much, lots of his followers being killed, change many laws of Christianity, bring so many different laws and ... . why didn't he himself mention this that its equal to follow me or any other religion? if different people are different in their tendencies to follow different religious paths, the God should have sent all the prophets with all the different ways at the same time , at the start of human's life, so all the people would have equal opportunity to follow their right prophet, how would a just God fail to do that? if one prophet is right for someone, but not for another, it wouldn't be justice to send all these different ways to approach God at different times, since lots of people are being deprived of their best teacher in this way. In a [] view, all the prophets are one, their truth and source is one, so if you find Jesus the right teacher, you also should find Muhammad the right teacher, the only difference is that prophets come according to the different needs of the people of that time, so the last prophet is the right one for everyone.Apart from all these, I want to ask you something else; you said that you think Jesus is the right prophet for you, and it makes you serve people and helps you become more Godly. Since becoming Godly is a progressive thing and doesn't stop at some point, how can you be sure that Jesus was and is and will be the best prophet for you.

(posted by Farid)

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