Thursday, July 03, 2003


All of this part is B’s email in answer to my questions in the last part, except the part indicated by letter A, which is my question that he has rewritten before giving his own answer .

B-It is difficult to answer your question because belief is such a personal things. I used to believe that Jesus was the only one you could follow and get to Heaven.But then I started reading and learning about people of other faiths. I saw that Ramakrisna, Yogananda, Gandhi, and other great ones loved God with such a passion that I can only hope to emulate.To me, there are Buddhist saints, holy people committed to God. Baptist ones, Muslim.I am not saying that all paths are equal because I do not know that for certain. I do know that all paths produce saints. Some of my friends go to very conservative, black or white thinking churches. They are too rigid and judgmnental for me. However, it that church brings them closer to God then how can I criticize their choice?
A- 1-does it mean that if a new prophet comes and even I believe in him/her, I don't need to follow him/her, and that I can achieve the same goal through another religion?
B- You need to follow the dictates of your heart. If you see someone as theprophet of God and are drawn to that person, then follow that person as long as doing so brings you closer to God. That is, it makes you more of a servant of the servants of God. But if I choose a different path because my heart says to follow it, then that is what is best for me as long as it produces Godly fruit. Belief is an individual thing. I do not believe Mohammed is my teacher so I do not follow him. But I have no problem with a Muslim who practices the teachings of his religion with all of his heart. I am certain God is using that religion to draw that person to Him. God has sent many prophets, holy people to lead others out of darkness. Mother Teresa did not found a new religion but showed people what God's love in action really means. So did Gandhi. He imitated Jesus better than I have. He loved God with his whole heart, mind, and soul and his neighbor as himself. If he isn't in Heaven, then I don't want to God. Others would say he can't be there because he didn't say these magic words or believe this doctrine, etc. I don't subscribe to that. "By their fruits you will know them." We are all different. We like different music, foods, activities. So it only makes sense that different approaches are necessary to draw everyone to God. Those who claim they have the only way, and there are many, think God is exclusively theirs. I do not believe that.I am glad you are considering these things. All I have is my opinion which has changed over the years. Will it be the same 10 years from now? Probably not. Will I still believe most of the things I now believe? Yes. Why? Because I have tested them and found that they work. Truth is an individual thing. I don't think any religion has all of it. They each have a piece of God but not all of God. I hope this helps you in some way, Blessings to you

(posted by Farid)

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