Sunday, July 20, 2003


A:(cont. from last part)… now when Job asked about the reason of this, God answered that you are not always aware of the reason behind things; so what we have here is that we have the fact but we don't understand the reason behind it, but implicit in God's answer is that what God does is the best for his people, though they don't understand the reason immediately, now in our situation, we can ask God , "why didn't you send all prophets at the same time, since it would be better”, and his answer that "you don't understand the reason fully " again has implicit in it that this is the best for people; and this is what I was trying to say, that even people may have different tendencies towards different ways, it isn't the best thing that they obey the one they choose, but its the best that they choose the one that is sent for their time, since this is what God is doing.This is the way God is sending his prophets, so even we like it or not, this is the best for us.

B: I AGREE with that.

(posted by Farid)

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