Wednesday, July 16, 2003


A: in a [] view, all the prophets are one, their truth and source is one, so if you find Jesus the right teacher, you also should find Muhammad the right teacher, the only difference is that prophets come according to the different needs of the people of that time, so the last prophet is the right one for everyone in my view.
B: I agree that different prophets fit different teachers. I don't see that the last one is right for everyone. Muslims in 2003 are still into Mohamed. Christians are into Jesus. Buddhings into the Buddha.
A: Apart from all these, I want to ask you something else, you said that you think Jesus is the right prophet for you, and it makes you serve people and helps you become more Godly. Since becoming Godly is a progressive thing and doesn't stop at some point, how can you be sure that Jesus was and is and will be the best prophet for you.
B: Based on my life experience I can conceive that I might change my mind. But based on my inner convictions, I don't think I will.

(posted by Farid)

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