Thursday, July 10, 2003

My experience in Canada (3): Canadian embassy in Tehran

I would like to start with my first experience with Canada. Canadian embassy in Tehran!. I think that it is the smallest embassy in Iran. There is not any waiting room for people who go there for asking some questions. You have to go there early in the morning and many things are done through a window with big, thick and dark glasses. You can imagine how it is in summer and winter. I do not know what Canadians think if they would be in a similar situation. One day I was waiting outside of the embassy and it was snowing. When you get the visa application forms, the lengthy process starts. You have to complete different forms and write all details about yourself and your family where they live what they do. The funny part was that you have to mention the exact dates of birthdays. You have to calculate (from Persian to roman calendar) all dates or ask your family.

You need to undergo a medical examination like blood test, chest X ray. Unfortunately, there are only four specialists that Canada has designated them and are authorized to perform the immigration medical exams and they are free to do whatever they like. In Iran, the specialist’s visit charge is around 5-7 CND$. They charge you 25 CND$. However, their assistants exam you (I did not see my doctor). For a chest X ray and other test, you have to pay 2-3 times more since you cannot go everywhere to do these tests. For sending your documents to a center in France, they charge you about 50 CND$ but its real cost is around 30!. Therefore, for an student visa you may charged about 400 CND$. In compare to other countries, it is unbelievable. For example for Norway is it about 40 CND$!!
The most stressful part is the interview day. Your future is in a Canadian officer’ hands!

(posted by Iman)

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