Saturday, July 05, 2003

My experience in Canada (2)

I am glad that some of you find it interesting subject. I would like to write about my observations, feeling and interpretations. You know that we do not have any pure observation and always see things through our point of view which is affected by our background and prejudgment. If you add our ignorance, you will find that many opinions and thoughts should be criticized. So I am always uncertain about what other people say. I think this is very difficult way of living and all the time my mind is occupied by many questions and I have to think about what I am doing or saying. I usually compare what I have thought before with what I see in the reality. I like to think about the concept of normality, an issue that usually people do not think about. I am curious to know whether a law or commonsense in a society is rational or not. It is not easy for me to accept any idea. I have to think about it. I cannot change my personality and cannot stop thinking! Maybe this is because of my profession which is finding a disease. I am happy when people are healthy. Please let me know if you find any illusion, delusion or misunderstanding in my posts.
(posted by Iman)

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