Friday, July 04, 2003

My experience in Canada (1)

About 10 weeks ago I arrived in Montréal. Though it is not my first experience in the west, this is the first exposure to the North America. All the time I have been busy. You know that finding, say waiting to find a space in the university!, defining the scope of my project takes time. Indeed, I have started a part time job and learning French. All these are time consuming. However, because of my curiosity, I have been trying to know more about Canadian people, their culture, life style, thoughts, wishes and of course their medical system. Anyway, I think it would be interesting to know what an Iranian thinks about the North America. My questions, concerns and interpretation. I write these things to compare with what I may think in future. I hope you can give me your idea about what I write in this regard.

(posted by Iman)

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