Sunday, July 27, 2003

Me and Hooman: WHO is hoMAN

I have never thought weblog might have substantial effect on my life. At first look, it may seem as same as other entertainments in the internet like chartrooms, online games or gambling. But I think it has more effect on our life. In our real life, you see and listen to other thoughts but in cyberspace you face with intellectual part of people since we can only read their thoughts. We have time to think and discuss and this is a higher level of communication. It is easy to understand what a blogger believes, thinks.
Blogging, however, may addict you. I have seen the signs of addiction or withdrawal in bloggers. Their mind is occupied by blogging. Fortunately, it does not have physical addiction like opium or alcohol but like smoking it is difficult to quit!!
The most interesting part of this new fashion is seeing bloggers in the real life. I think it is a unique experience. I think our thought is the most important part of our personality because our relationship is based on this intellectual part.
Anyway, I went to Ottawa for some paperworks in Iranian embassy. I have to say that I was pleased with them. Maybe it is far from the standards, in compare to Canadian embassy in Tehran, they we were polite and helpful people though bureaucracy is the same in part of the world. I think that Canadian embassy should have at least the same facilities. When I was in Iran last year, a Canadian citizen came to Iran and for a particular reason he needed a letter confirming that his Canadian passport is original!. He could not believe that he was charged 50 dollars for a simple letter! I think the problem is that many people who face with such issues prefer to ignore it since they may think that their complaint has some consequences for the process of immigration and visa. So Canadian government does not receive any feedback and they continue …

Anyway, I can not remember when I started reading Hoomans’ weblog but it has been a daily stop in my blog surfing!! It is more that fun for me since I am too busy to have fun! It is some kind of refreshing. He points out some challenging points. He is one of those people who try to put forward some questions. I think that giving solutions is kind of brainwashing. If you read his posts, you will find moderation, rational and logic. The most important point is that he is an independent blogger in political thought and this gives him this chance to criticize ignorance, exclusivism, Extremism, …
We talked about different things; Weblogs, bloggers!, politics in Iran, Uncle Sam!, Medicine, Psychology, Canadian Medicare, Canadian people, universities in the North America, alcohol and many other things! Imagine how many subjects we can talk about! :)
An interesting subject we had disagreement was quality and quantity of life. I found him one of those people who like to use all parts of their body before dying, kidney, heart and also brain. This is different point view. I had a heavy smoker client (in the West patients are called clients! ) in Iran. When I asked him why he smoked, he answered “since I do not like that ants eat my lung after death”. so I usually do not try to recommend anything to people. I think the more you think, the less quality of life you have! Thinking is a personal trait in some people and they cannot stop thinking!

PS: Alcohol, smoking and many other risk factors may have hazardous effect even if you are not heavy smoker, alcoholic ,...

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