Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Iranian students in McGill

Last week I came across McGill Iranian students’ website. They had an outdoor picnic. I thought it might be a good opportunity to know more people in Montreal. The location was Parc Jean Drapeau formerly known as the Parc-des-Iles, a beautiful park in an island in the south shore of Montreal. The most wonderful part of park is Biosphere .

Anyway, I took metro to get there. I found them easily; by Iranian pop music! I thought many people would come. Though the meeting was scheduled at 11, most of them (about 15) showed up in the afternoon! I found them nice and friendly people. We talked about different issues like the Iranian community in Montreal, their interest, political affiliation and also McGill Iranian students and their activities. They said that there are about 100 Iranian students in McGill. Most of them study in undergraduate faculties. It seems that this association is not active. As far as I know McGill is a conservative university and people usually enjoy their life!! (I do not know why universities that I have studied till now, all have been conservative. I think I am not a conservative person!). We talked about medical education since some of them want to enter to medical school in future. Apart from this fact that Medicine in Canada is competitive, they believed that after September 11 the situation has become worse!. They thought it is easier for a Jewish applicant to get position in medical school.
The organizers provided a nice fast food and we played a friendly football game ( I was goalkeeper!)
I hope that I have time to participate in their activities. I suggested them to develop their website. In compare to other Iranians student association in Canada like Concordia University , University of Alberta, University of Toronto it is very simple without any update information. Of course, you can find some links to Iranian/Persian delicious recipes!!

(posted by Iman)

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