Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Fiddler On The Roof

“Criticized at first for its "limited appeal", Fiddler on the Roof struck such a universal chord in
audiences that it became, for a time, the longest running production in the history of Broadway.”

Especially it was pleasing to me because of issues I am interested in like the fight of tradition and
modernity, superstitious religion and reason, music and ….It’s one of those films that would never
be old and should be seen every several years once. Problems depicted in this film can be found
as fresh and serious as they were thirty two years ago at many places in the world today. Behind
its comic and simple façade, it portrays very deep issues that everyone should spend time to think
and read about them, and discuss them with others. I encourage those who still haven't got the
chance to see it to visit their local libraries to hopefully find a copy of it.

(Posted by Farid)

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