Thursday, July 03, 2003

Dictators in the West vs. the East

I think that the political philosophy is very important issue in the Middle East countries. I think talking about politicians is wasting time. These people only think about power and depends on the context, they behave the same. For example, I think the people who run the government in the sates are potential dictators. I can imagine what would happen, if they were in the Middle East as in the international relations they behave like dictators! Look at the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and their reaction to international criminal court. For what they do, they have the same reasons: We do this because we think this right and do not care what other nations think! All the rest is a game! However, because of their political system , they cannot do whatever they like. The painful part of story, however, is that ignorant people in the world still die for their culprit leaders as some members of an Iranian opposition set themselves afire! In the states, they send their soldiers for war. When they are killed, it is said that they have died for their country, their nation …
(posted by Iman)

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