Monday, June 23, 2003

Violence and Revolution: Our Nightmare !

These days I see many Iranian bloggers (mostly in Persian) use curse words against people who they do not like to express their hatred. I think Violence starts from verbal violence and eventually may end up physical violence. Hatred has been one of the most dangerous matters in the world and many brutal slaughtering in the history stem from hate!

You know before water is boiling, we hardly see any changes inside. Only when it gets 100 degrees centigrade will it boil. We might say the current "temperature" of Iran is between 98-99 degrees centigrade. When it hits its boiling point, the changes will take place and burst out. The way to spark Revolution! and I am really concerned. I have the same nightmare as
Mojtaba describes it.


The gray sky cries
The winds of sorrow knock on the window
I see a crowd who are mourning
They come towards me
Young and old, men and women, children and parents but dead
Some of them are on fire
Some of them have a hanging rope around their neck
Some of them have gun shot wounds
Some are without legs or hands or head
And I wake up with a cold sweat

(posted by Iman)

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