Monday, June 09, 2003

Uncertainty and Death!

I think there is a process of between knowledge and practice. In social sciences as well as Medicine, this process is called KAP or Knowledge, Attitude and Practice. It means that to practice something you have to have Knowledge about it. However, it is not enough since you need more than knowing something to do it. Like many people who aware of the hazardous effects of smoking or alcohol. But they do not care. So for changing any behavior, we should change people’s attitude. Then people practice those behaviors without any force (though sometimes the reverse is true. For example, seat belt is mandatory, so people know that they have to use it and gradually their attitudes are changed!
When I read the discussion in Farid’s last post about Death, this thought came to my mind that “ we start from Ignorance to Knowledge then our attitude is changed, then we reach to this belief that we will certainly taste the Death. This may be a journey from Uncertainty to Certainty. But the denying phase is lengthy (as you see many young people do not believe that they will die and prefer to ignore or avoid discussing about it). Eventually, even if you believe that there is another life after this life, it does not mean that you are Certain. The last step is Perception and finally Acceptance. I think death still is difficult for many old people!

(posted by Iman)

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