Thursday, June 26, 2003


Weeks ago I read something about the literally meaning of Bible and I sent an email to its author and since then we have had communication around the topic of pluralism. I will gradually post our discussions. Unfortunately I have lost the link to his writing , but I will ask him and post it later; it’s not directly related to this topic anyhow.

A: me
B: author of that article

A-I read your writing about literal meaning of Bible now and I liked it, there are many points that I think the same way you do…I believe there are many things that different religions can learn from each other, as I learned tonight from your writing…I am always open to reconsider my faith and investigate more and more.
B-The goal of religion (to me) is to lead people to God. Whether one is a Baptist, Buddhist, Muslim, etc. is not important. What is important is how close a relationship that person has with God. Most Christians would not agree with me on this point, nor would most Muslims. That does not bother me at all. Most saints, I think, would.
(posted by Farid)

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