Friday, June 27, 2003

Freedom, Sex and Injustice

Recently, I have read something about the Sex in Iranian weblogs especially those are written in Persian.
Besides popular political and news sites, half of the 10 most visited Persian blogs are about sex, according to figures from a service providing statistics on Web usage.
Some people think that the reason is that Iranians have not been able to express their feelings and needs in a religious state. As you read in in this report
The new generation has been using the Internet to express themselves and satisfy their hunger for knowledge about taboo subjects, ranging from sex to Western-style entertainment or politics
Pornography is quite popular every where in the world particularly in the west. I think it is one of the most interesting issues in many friendly chats, jokes and movies! Also it seems that porno sites are most popular websites and are many internet surfers’ hobby! So it is not strange that Iranian people who have internet access enjoy reading these blogs and website like other poeple!. In my opinion , pornography should not be considered as a immoral matter since it is a private issue and every body has this right to enjoy her or his fantasy. However, I usually think about this fact that in such a huge business, many people are abused especially women. So before discussing about freedom, I think it is better we think about Justice as well. I think a free world that human rights are not considered should be called a world of Injustice. Maybe it is inevitable and this is a natural trait as Hooman says
People are people and the same things usually drive the mankind everywhere
What do you think?

(posted by Iman)

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