Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Cat Stevens

"In the final analysis I knew I was as human as anyone else. The whole image of the ‘Super-Star’, I helped to create. It was also therefore, possible for me to change it or destroy it.Today, people still reflect on an image they want to see, but Cat Stevens was never really there; he was a part of so many things which came together. The artist however, was there; there was a person behind that art. But most importantly, there was an identity seeking to be fulfilled.That is the soul’s identity which I think everybody needs to come to terms with. We are born not of our own calling, but through Grace we are given life. We have to then acknowledge the Power that gave us that life, to be thankful, and to make our life in accordance with the will of our Loving Creator in order to be happy.The moment I became a Muslim, I became happy.It is very difficult to explain beyond that."

you can read the whole thing here.
(posted by Farid)

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