Saturday, May 17, 2003

Nationalism (2)

There are many subjective matters that are man-made. Tribes or nation only exists in our mind. We have learned them. We did not choose them. Historically, people needed these issues because they need other people’s help and support. Family and tribe were small communities that enabled people to support each other to survive. In other words, they were safe if they could live under the shelter of their tribe. So this idea that we need a tribe and in a larger scale, nation has become an inseparable part of our thought. I think this issue mostly belongs to Old World. In modern life or say thought, we do not need the support of our tribe. However, this thought still exists. As you see many people are proud of their nation or country. It may have some benefits. But there is a worth considering drawback that every nation may think, say believe that they are better than other nations. They are smarter and more developed. It is not limited to the nationality. You can find this logic in other issues like better religion, skin color, city, race and so on as well.
I think this thought is ridiculous! A simple reason is that we have not chosen our nationality, place we were born, our parents, race. Even it can be said that majority of people did not choose their religion!!
Some may say that even though we did not choose our nations or race, this is a fact that we have more developed societies. I would say that even if your country is more industrialized in compare to other third world countries, it does not mean that all of those people have hand in this development. It is not difficult to imagine what they would do, if they were born in one of the poorest countries in the world. Certainly, they would not have the same situation. If your father is poor and you live a remote area, you cannot become an educated person. If one wants to do such a thing, you have to try hundred times more than others who live in an industrialized country and enjoy all alternatives for better life.

(posted by Iman)

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