Friday, May 09, 2003

Nationalism 1

One of the issues I have discussed here and somewhere else is nationalism. Generally speaking, I think nationalism like many other entities is a subjective matter. In fact, we learn to consider it as a fact.So many of us cannot live without it. In underdeveloped communities, we can find similar issue like tribe. In David's blog, in the comment section of his post on Friday May 2, we discussed about this matter whether Iranians will resist, if the US invades Iran. I think one the possibility is that Iranians won't resist or even celebrate. Of course, they do not like that any country attack them. They did not forget 8 years Iran-Iraq war. However, it does not mean that they will resist. Also it does not mean that they are not brave or they are coward. This is complicated matter. In the history, Iranians have resisted against any foreign force and the only exception is Iran-Iraq war (though Iraq eventually defeated Iran by means of chemical weapons and support of western counteries like Germany, France, Britain and states). When Arabs invaded Iran in the beginning of Islam or coalition forces temporarily occupied Iran when Reza Shah was overthrown. In the latter case, Iranian soldiers did not resist even for an hour. I can give you other examples in the Middle East. Afghanistan, Iraq. Whey did not they resist? Why did they celebrate? Nobody was ready to die for those regimens. Why? Of course they like their country but they do not resist. This is a good question. The above opinion may be offensive for some Iranian nationalists or chauvinists. Many ordinary people talk about the US' next step in the region, though many Iranians who live abroad were against war in Iraq.
I think the entity of nation has some value when people think that they can change their political system and the way they like to live (freedom), otherwise it would be meaningless even with its common meaning. Everybody who likes to predict Iranians' reaction should answer this question why Iranians have not resisted in the history.
For more information read A Brief History of Iran and Iran Iraq war.

Update: Read Hooman's opinion about this matter.
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