Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Ignorance and Freedom

Dave asked me In the U.S., with our freedom of religion, we have people who worship the devil. Why should other countries be different?

I believe that human beings are free creatures. However, this freedom is limited. We cannot do whatever we like. In case of Iraq, we should know all the story. As you know in most part of Iraq there is a tribal system and sheikhs play important role in this country. In a tribal system, people are ready do to every thing for their tribe. They die for their tribe. In contrast to the modern thought, as we see in the west, people are not important. In fact, in this system nobody cares who you are but rather your tribe and family. So it is not important that a monster like Saddam is a criminal. He is (maybe was) Tikriti. So Tikritis celebrate his birthday. I do not think that none of us think like this. I am sure that David won’t support his president if he knows he is criminal. Does he? Not of course. This is a big difference. Do you remember when the US attacked on Iraq, many Arabs were against war? Why? Many of them were saying that Saddam is Arab and Muslim and we should support him!! Such a though is a real threat for world peace. Just look at the people who support Osama. This is another disappointing fact.
Anyway, let me know what is the meaning of freedom in an underdeveloped society. Freedom, Chaos, looting, revenge and...
(posted by Iman)

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