Friday, April 11, 2003

Human clones: Next to impossible!!

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh reported in the journal Science that attempts to clone monkeys have ended in failure. They have discovered a biochemical obstacle that would make the cloning of human embryos very difficult, if not impossible, using current cloning technology. They found that as each embryo divided, the tight bundles of DNA known, as chromosomes weren't being passed on to new cells in an orderly fashion. Cells end up with too much, or too little DNA, and cannot survive. The correct balance of genes is crucial for development. The group also discovered a possible source of the problem. At the very first step in cloning, when the egg's genetic material is removed, two proteins known as HSET and NuMA also are sucked out of the egg cell. The job of these two proteins is to pull the chromosomes to the right places during cell division so each new cell inherits a complete set of genes. Read more

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