Wednesday, April 02, 2003

How a monster becomes Hero

Mojtaba writes
I thought that the Iraq war could put an end to ghasthy Arab nationalism of murderous Saddam and his Ba'ath party; but apparently I got it wrong and the monster of Baghdad is transforming into a hero in the Arab countries; reading Robert Fisk's comments in Independent newspaper terrifies me.
Two days ago, my friend called me from Ahwaz (center of Khozestan, a province in the south west of Iran). I asked him about Arabs’ attitude toward current war in Iraq (since Arabs are majority in many Khozestan cities). He said that many ordinary Arabs believe that Saddam is only brave man in the Arab world because he is fighting with the US without any support!!. Though there is not any scientific statistics in this regard, I think this is a common feeling in Arab societies. Saddam (and also Osama) should thank US administration since they helped these monsters to become Hero!! Another ridiculous fact!. Also a worth considering point for other dictators in the world!!
(posted by Iman)

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