Sunday, April 13, 2003

Homosexuality(this is the ramaining part of the essay that I forgot to include)
It was not that long ago that homosexuals were afraid to talk about their issue; now those who criticize them have the same position. They become convicted of being "homophobiacs”, as if now they are those who should keep their feelings hidden. Parents suddenly saw themselves in a position that they couldn’t give sufficient reasons that it is wrong to their teens, simply because they hadn’t any . They have been inculcated in this way from childhood and had taken it for granted due to their own religious beliefs. But today with religious beliefs so undermined, it more sounds a dogma to say that it’s wrong because of what Scriptures say. No wonder those few who oppose it are mostly religious speakers. Every scientific discovery can have both good and bad sides; it all depends on how we will use them. Scientific findings about homosexuality can bring with them two wonderful results: providing us with tools to help homosexual medically, and giving us a better understanding of their problem together with more willingness to help them.

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