Saturday, April 12, 2003

Homosexuality(last part)

Homosexuals have never had more reasons to prove that homosexuality is not a matter of choice than today. In fact today they don’t have to do it themselves; almost everyone is somehow influenced by biological findings and acts as their spokesman. I gave my own opinion about why these findings are not a basis for their claim. What looks more important to me is that they seem truly convinced that they are created this way and that they cannot change it. They reject all opposition against it on the basis of their tendency .My question to this argument is that why should we think that every kind of tendency and feeling is harmless and correct? If I am a bad-tempered person, I cannot claim that others have to tolerate me because this is my nature. What actually has happened is that not only they argue that others should tolerate them, but that their behavior is quite normal. They say that many gay people stay together for a long time and it shows that their feeling is real. Again this doesn’t show anything. Nobody says that their tendency is a superficial or temporary one. The opposition to this tendency is that it is not the correct way of living because of its consequences. Homosexuals cannot have kids so they cannot have true families. This is not a minor thing to ignore. Children are the continuation and fruit of their parent’s lives. Any moral act should be advisable to everyone, but where would the world head to if all the people on earth become homosexual? Nothing but complete annihilation will come out of it. They may attempt to raise children but never a man can play the role of a mother in a child’s life. As Worden mentions, life expectancy of gay people is about 40% less than heterosexual; he goes on to give Dr. Paul Cameron report that:
For heterosexual, the average man lives to be 73;women 77.For homosexual, the average non-AID- caused death is at the remarkably advance age of 42! For lesbians, the average age of death is 44 because AIDS is not a significant factor among lesbians, However the fact that lesbians (who are not particularly subject to AIDS) can still expect to lose 30 years of life indicates that the homosexual “lifestyle” is beset by a host of lethal pathologies other than AIDS such as drug addiction alcohol abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and parasites, domestic violence, and suicide.
He also mentions that death and injury caused by domestic violence is at least five times larger in homosexuals than straights and that it “goes right off the scale” in lesbians. All these facts and many others show that never having homosexual feelings can justify its correctness. What really perplexes those who have always abhorred homosexuality is some of the new areas homosexuals are exploring these days. As an example, Christian de la Huerta, the founder of Q-Spirit, talks in his book about a new outlook on gay spirituality. Many gay people claim that they have personal relationship with Jesus, and they question the notion that God deprives them from his grace. My answer to this is that God’s grace reaches to everybody in different arenas of life based on how they act in those arenas. So a gay person can receive God’s grace in all the parts of his life that he is acting correctly in, but they cannot claim that they are receiving all that they are supposed to, and I believe that they are losing the major part of it. Forming families and having children is so important that life would be meaningless without it.
(posted by Farid)

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