Sunday, April 27, 2003

From Canada

This is my first post from Canada. It seems that I become addicted to blogging since I had withdrawal symptoms! All the time I thought what is going on the web and there were so many things to write about. Because of 3 hours delay, my 22-hour flight was boring though I was excited. A talkative Frenchman sat beside me and talked about every thing. He thought 11/9 was a conspiracy and all these things are a game. If an Iranian believed conspiracy theory about such a thing, because if their history it would be understandable. However, a westerner! OK never mind. I think he was not a good representative of French people. He claimed that he was musician and had written a1000 page unpublished book about 72 subjects including, history, religion, politics, philosophy …. Is it possible? He did not know that he was talking to an uncertain guy!!

Anyway, here all the people and media talk about SARS and 18 patients have died in canada.

(posted by Iman)

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