Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Assassination of Abdol-Majid Khoei

Masoud Behnoud, my favourite Iranian journalist who lives in London tries to answer Who assassinated Abdol-Majid Khoei? He says
The murder of Abdol-Majid Khoei in the religious city of Najaf, south of Iraq, in the early days of the fall of Baghdad, reminded many of Ahmad Shah Masoud's terror, the popular Afghan leader who was similarly murdered by some suicide group of Al Quadeh at the threshold of the invasion of Afghanistan by coalition forces.

Abdol-Majid Khoei, too, was a main candidate for Shiite leadership in a post—Hussein Iraq government, when the search had already begun for one who would be both popular among Shiites and familiar with laws and regulations in a democratic society.

Abdol-Majid Khoei, the 41 year-old Shiite clergy whose father was the worldwide Shiite leader until his death 10 years ago, was a good alternative, at least from the point of view of the British who is now running the southern cities of Iraq; an apropos candidate for calming Iraqi Shiites after the fall of Saddam Hussein. Having lived in Europe for a long time, he believed—in contrast to the majority of Shiite ecclesiastics—that the clergy should not have any role in Iraq's future regime. He believed in keeping religion away from politics. Did he lose his life for his belief?.Read more..

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