Thursday, April 17, 2003

America's war of 'liberation' vs. Iraq's war of liberation

I know many Americans hate Robert Fisk. Some call him an idiot. However, I follow his reports. I think he is an independent journalist. He may be pessimistic or sometimes exaggerate some facts. But his reposts and predictions are worth reading. If you searching for independent sources, he is a good choice at least for his challenging questions. In his recent report from Baghdad, he gives us good picture of this occupied or librated city.
It's going wrong, faster than anyone could have imagined. The army of "liberation" has already turned into the army of occupation. The Shias are threatening to fight the Americans, to create their own war of "liberation"…Everywhere are the signs of collapse. And everywhere the signs that America's promises of freedom and democracy are not to be honoured Why, Iraqis are asking, did the United States allow the entire Iraqi cabinet to escape? And they're right.
Couple of days ago Jazz told me that there is a rumour in Britain right now that Saddam and Bush collaborated and Saddam said his resistance would be small. They say that Saddam and America have always been in league and some agreement has been made. It was on the radio the other day and she was suspicious. Dave an American blogger believes that this thought is ridiculous and thinks it is another cheap Conspiracy hypothesis. Though I think such an agreement between Saddam and US is unlikely, these questions should be answered. This is the battle for hearts and minds of Iraq and such a concept is deep rooted in their culture!!.
Here's what Baghdadis are noticing and what Iraqis are noticing in all the main cities of the country. Take the vast security apparatus with which Saddam surrounded himself, the torture chambers and the huge bureaucracy that was its foundation. President Bush promised that America was campaigning for human rights in Iraq, that the guilty, the war criminals, would be brought to trial. The 60 secret police headquarters in Baghdad are empty, even the three-square-mile compound headquarters of the Iraqi Intelligence Service. I have been to many of them. But there is no evidence even that a single British or US forensic officer has visited the sites to sift the wealth of documents lying there or talk to the ex-prisoners returning to their former places of torment. Is this idleness? Or is this willful?
He also remarks a very important point about looting and Arsons.
The official US line on all this is that the looting is revenge an explanation that is growing very thin and that the fires are started by "remnants of Saddam's regime", the same "criminal elements", no doubt, who feature in the marines' curfew orders. But people in Baghdad don't believe Saddam's former supporters are starting these fires. And neither do I.The looters make money from their rampages but the arsonists have to be paid. The passengers in those buses are clearly being directed to their targets. If Saddam had pre-paid them, they wouldn't start the fires. The moment he disappeared, they would have pocketed the money and forgotten the whole project.
He finishes his report with an awful prediction,
That America's war of "liberation" is over. Iraq's war of liberation from the Americans is about to begin. In other words, the real and frightening story starts now.


Hooman discuses this subjects.
While we were surprised to see such a turnaround and I for one argued how smart the US military strategy was, it seems things are not exactly the same we see them. Did the Pentagon officials fluke the deal in the last minute, and would the war have fought differently otherwise?
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