Saturday, March 08, 2003

On Religious Minorities
I don't know if you are going to set an agenda for a discussion on human rights as I proposed or not, but I just like to mention something about the issue you addressed. Since these human rights are reiterated in Iran's constitution, it seems to me to be more of an issue of law and legal system than anything else. They may as well don't accept some human rights -though they have, at least implicitly by not rejecting it and using it as a matter of pretense- but these are explicitly expressed in constituition. So this can to a large extent be the result of a social taboo on talking about these two minorities and their problems , esp Bahaism , that no one has tried to raise the issue at least in press or other publications-no need to say that the legal system is out of question as they never let a Bahai have a lawyer or such a case gets hearing in a court. Why this taboo exists is a topic to talk about and to search the roots of.(posted by Farid)

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