Thursday, March 06, 2003

Migrations: Humanity in Transition

 Babies playing on the roof of a FEBEM

Babies playing on the roof of a FEBEM (foundation for Child Welfare) centre in the Pacaembu district. Some 430 children live here, 35% of whom were abandoned on the streets, the others delivered at the centre by parents no longer able to care for them. Sao Paulo, Brazil. 1996. Photograph by Sebastiao SALGADO.

Sebastiao Salgado " , the Paris-based, Brazilian-born photojournalist who made a major impact on the world of images in 1993 with Workers, a dramatic documentation of manual labour at the survival level.
….. It is human movements on a grand scale that Salgado has documented, giving us a series of pictures suggesting millions of people in motion, seeking survival and a better life -- one individual at a time, one family at a time, from field to town to city, and across national boundaries..

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