Wednesday, March 19, 2003

International dictatorship!
Reporters Without Borders today warned US authorities not to obstruct the media in its reporting of the expected imminent war in Iraq. Though the US invited more than 600 journalists from all over the world to report from inside the military operation, but journalist have been asked to obey a strict 50-point "ground rules agreement”.
The rules spell out what can or cannot be covered. But the distinction is very vague and commanders of military units are given the final word on whether to allow something to be reported or not. Reporters Without Borders is concerned about rule 6, that permits unit commanders to "embargo" news that may damage "operational security." The range of such news is also poorly defined and the duration of the embargo not stated. Both aspects again depend on the decision of the unit commander!!.Rules 40, 41 and 43, which ban pictures of the faces of prisoners of war and soldiers killed in the fighting, undermine the right to inform the public, the organisation said. It was up to journalists, not the US army, to decide what could or could not be shown, according to the journalistic code of conduct
The organisation said the public had a right to see pictures such as those of the emaciated faces of prisoners in Serbian concentration camps in Bosnia, during the war in Yugoslavia. It expressed concern at working conditions for journalists who chose not to be officially incorporated into the US military operations and who US officials had several times warned could be in danger
Interesting! Freedom is good thing but in situations we define. If it threatens our security, we certainly censor it. This rhetoric is not strange for a Middle East inhabitant. Since in this region dictators use the same logic to justify their oppressions. But this time, it takes place in international scope. Do you know what dictators say to their people? They say that you are immature and donot know your real benefits. So any opposite thought may threaten the national security, say dictators’ security. Anyway, thanks God!! Our orphan world has found a kind and wise father!!
(posed by Iman)

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