Thursday, March 20, 2003

Happy Norooz
Happy New Year and Norooz

In the spring, open your heart to joyous infusions
Like flowers open up, or stay in muddy collusions.
I cannot tell you to befriend this, or drink that
Wit and wisdom display your own solutions.
Strings of the harp sing out the same advice
When worthy, you will reach your conclusions.
Each blade of grass speaks of its life's tale
Alas if self-absorbed you're free from inclusions.
Worry not, else you will lose your precious now
If stuck in day's and night's revolutions.
Though fears are strewn upon the path of Love
Pass easy if free from destination's confusions.
O Hafiz, if fortune upon you smiles
Become prey to that Witness of illusions.
( by Hafiz)

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