Thursday, March 27, 2003

Free Expression Award for Hashem Aghajari

Hashem Aghajari is Iranian History lecturer, journalist, disabled veteran of the Iran-Iraq war and active reformist. He was sentenced to death in November for blaspheming, insulting the Shi'ite Imams, and insulting top state religious authorities for a landmark speech on clerical reform. His case is under appeal. For his remarks in June, Aghajari was also sentenced to 74 lashes, banned from teaching for 10 years and banished for eight years.
Index on Censorship has given a special Free Expression Award to al-Jazeera for their special contribution to the free exchange of information during years of crisis in the Middle East. Other winners included: BBC journalist Fergal Keane, Australian whistleblower Tony Kevin and Iranian academic Hashem Aghajari. Index also presented the Golden Raspberry Award for Services to Censorship to Jonathan Moyo, the general in charge of Zimbabwe's war on its free media.
(posted by Iman)

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