Friday, March 28, 2003

Democracy in Iraq!!

These days US administration and other western media are talking about two things; they claim that they are going to liberate Iraqis and then establish a democracy in this country. It seems that many Americans are convinced by this propaganda. These slogans are ridiculous for a Middle East inhabitant particularity an uncertain one!!. I do not have any doubt that they have attacked on Iraq for their national interests since they have broken all international rules and started a pre-emptive war unilaterally. Iraqis have not been important for them; rather, they have had hand in Iraqis’ misery. Many westerners do not know anything about the Middle East, its history, ethnic groups and Islam as a major religion in this region. They only know whatever their media tell them. So it is understandable why they believe that their governments come to Iraq to liberate Iraqis and install, say inject! Democracy in this country. Their politicians tell them that Iraq will be the first country with a democratic system in the region. They are talking about the possibility of helping Iraqis to remold their society into a democratic state with equal rights for peoples of all religions, with protection for individual liberties. Also it is understandable why people who live in a democratic country think that problem is Saddam and if Iraqis get rid of him, their entire problems will be solved. They do not ask their politicians why other countries in the Middle East do not have a democratic state, though their dictators are not as tyrant as Saddam. They do not ask why Islamists win every election in these courtiers and but army generals do not allow them to take power (as we see in Algeria and Turkey). They do not ask why Osama is Hero in these countries (and probably Saddam will be the next one). They do not ask for which reasons these people should choose democracy, though many Muslim believe that Islamic state is the best option. In fact, they bring something for people who did not ask. Iraqis know what they want; they want to get rid of this butcher. But they have not yet thought about the proper political system. Many of them believe if they can find an honest Muslim governor, it will be the best option.
I will write about the cultural and religious matters in Iraq and discuss about the predictable future in Iraq and try to answer this question whether establishing a democratic state in Iraq is possible or not.

(posted by Iman)

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