Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Carl H. Rogers(1902-87)
"Carl H. Rogers, best known for his book entitled On becoming a person, was a psychotherapist, not a writer, but he has exerted a great influence on teachers of writing. Rogers originally intended to become a
Protestant minister, but as he tells in on becoming a person, during the course of a six-month visit to East Asia he came to recognize " that sincere and honest people could believe in very divergent religious doctrines."
He returned to the study of psychology, and in the course of time developed the idea that a therapist must engage in "reflection," by which he meant that the therapist must reflect-must give back an image-of what the client said.(Rogers's use of the word "client" rather that patient is itself a clue to his approach; the therapist is not dealing with someone who is supposed passively to accept treatment from the all-powerful doctor.)"
(posed by Farid)

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