Monday, March 24, 2003

An American Liberal Blogger

Cowboy Kahlil writes,
I'm biased, yes. I'm Liberal in my outlook and life practices and am happy to be so. To me, that represents a love of open inquiry, a willingness to criticize government officials without artificial limits imposed by those who demand reverence and obeisance as proof of patriotism, and without some overriding fear of the very concept of government. I believe government can and should serve its country; not the other way around. It's not incumbent on the governed to prove their patriotism; it's the elective and appointive officials in the government who must meet that test. And too many demonstrate their only allegiance is in maintaining their polling numbers and electability. Being a Liberal does not mean I knee-jerk against every conservative position or for some set of liberal positions that a 'proper' liberal must agree to. The Liberal tradition permits me to consider all, and to take positions on occasion that other liberals disagree with. The other core tenet of Liberalism, in my opinion, is its pursuit of fairness for all that tilts more to the weakest members of society instead of the strongest. Note that Liberals never have to qualify themselves as 'compassionate liberals'; that much is a given.

(posted by Iman)

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