Thursday, February 20, 2003

Rumi is saying that before the sun's light, candle has so little light that it finally hangs his head in shame, and he is using candle as a symbol for human's power of thought and sun for divine knowledge.We can also look at it as the shame of not having more to offer or a bow of humbleness.

Live fast
Be a spark and glow a while
You'll be dead a long, long time
Be a shooting star
And in one mad moment
Burning bright
Light the night
And make us stand in awe
Live fast
Be a supernova
Explode now while you can
Then flashing in the pan
Be a streak of red
Against the grey
Do it young
Don't let time slip away
And makes us real
And feel
And see
Your beauty
Live fast.

When I was young
I would do a million things
Dreaming up a thousand schemes
I would change the world each night
I would tear the stars apart
Confusion tore that pounding heart
With certanity that things weren't right
I'd read all that student stuff
read it till I'd had enough
Then making up my own mind
Think it
Feel it
I believed I'd never die
When I was young

When I was young
Hopes were bulit like shining spires
Reaching up and spearing skies
That rained their bitter tears around
I remember all these things and more
I belived I never die
When I was young

Baby, baby, baby when the whole world turns around
Baby, baby, baby keeps both feet on the ground
Baby, baby, baby when there's nothing else to do
Then baby, baby, baby I hold on tight to you
Cos there ain't no rear view mirror in my car
I ain't looking back
Not very far
(by Bob Geldof)
(posted by Farid)

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